Q: How does ITIL fit with other best practice frameworks such as COBIT?
A: As part of the present review of ITIL, OGC will look at the ways ITIL works with other best practice frameworks. In the case of COBIT, some preparatory work has already been done. ITIL processes support many of the COBIT Control Objectives, and OGC, in association with ITGI plans to issue a brief report containing mappings.

Q: I want to implement ITIL in my organisation. What should I do?
A: You should start with 'Planning to Implement Service Management' which addresses this issue. It explains the steps necessary to identify the benefits an organisation may receive from utilizing ITIL and shows how to realize those benefits. It aims to help organizations to identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to develop the former and overcome the latter. Consultancy services are available through commercial organizations, and it may also be useful to contact itSMF, an international organisation helping to promote and develop best practice in service management.

Q: Does the itSMF do conformance testing?
A: Organizations looking to have their service management processes evaluated by an external auditor should look to a BS 15000 audit see Individuals seeking certification as being qualified can sit the globally-recognized qualifications. itSMF believes that there is currently little value in product conformance testing/claims since:

* ITIL is non-prescriptive guidance,
* no products provide functionality across all disciplines
* a purchaser still needs to evaluate any product for suitability.

Q: Is there an itSMF International web site?
A: Yes. The International itSMF has an internet presence which can be reached by accessing the following URL: