About itSMF Gulf


Volunteers Needed

We always need volunteers to work on committees to help develop itSMF and enhance the value to our members.

If you are interested in helping to foster itSM activities and enhance the value that you receive from membership, contact us.

Working Groups (sub-committees)

The following working groups have been set up:

  • Publication & Localization

  • Communication

  • Marketing & Membership

The leaders own the objectives, recruit the needed resources and manage the different streams of work.

Country Groups

Local meetings at the country level will be managed and supported.

When there is a requirement to establish groups for individual countries in the Middle East, it will be discussed in the Gulf itSMF Chapter and with the CEO of itSMF International.

A new country chapter will then work with the CEO of itSMF to get established and the itSMF Gulf chapter will focus on its remaining countries.

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